By / November 20, 2018

How to photograph a wool painting?

You've just created a beautiful wool paining, framed it nicely, and you want to share your creation with the world via a social media post on Instagram or Facebook. So, you take a photo and ... it doesn't look good. Most people take a photo of their creation framed and...

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By / September 27, 2018

Twelve bits of advice for the novice wool artist

Where to begin? What to do when something doesn’t work as you want? These are some of the questions novice artists may ask themselves, when they have a desire to start wool painting. So, what to do in this case? As an experienced wool artist, I would like to offer...

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By / October 18, 2017

What benefits can we get working with wool?

Have you ever thought of why someone would choose one type of handiwork over another? I think the reason is part of our individual make-up and that each of us is looking for something to complete us, spiritually as well as physically. I won't delve into the scientific jargon for the...

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By / August 21, 2017

What does painting with wool give for children?

Wool is pleasant to the touch; this soft and gentle material of iridescent colors is ideal for bring out creativity in everyone. Painting with wool is special way to express your emotions and to create your own masterpiece without using brushes, paints, pencils or water; instead laying out colored sheep's...

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By / July 19, 2017

10 reasons to like wool paintings

I think everybody has heard about the many benefits that artistic creation has upon our lives. The artistic process helps us to: develop our personal sense of ‘taste’ and creativity; activate our imagination, fantasy and flights of thought; acquire the ability to work with our hands, by mastering precise fingers...

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By / June 23, 2017

Painting with wool – everyone can do it!

I have been painting with wool since 2015. One common question I’ve been asked is “Do I need to know how to draw to learn the wool painting technique”? To answer this question let’s figure out what wool painting is. Painting with wool is similar to the applique technique, something...

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By / May 15, 2017

Framing options for your wool paintings

Photo frame with clips The first option is a standard photo frame with clips, which doesn’t have a framed edge at all. This consists of only the backing and glass, and uses clamps to hold it all together. You can place your wool painting in this type of frame, but...

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By / April 24, 2017

Substrate materials for use in wool paintings

When I first started to create wool paintings, the important question of choosing an optimal base, or substrate, remained open for a long time. I tried different types of materials and found that each has its advantages and disadvantages. Let's look what type of materials can be used as a...

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By / March 21, 2017

Types of Wool

Sliver Sliver - is a long bundle of fibre that is generally used to spin yarn. A sliver is created by carding or combing the fibre, which is then drawn into long strips where the fibre is parallel. When sliver is drawn further and given a slight twist, it becomes...

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By / February 17, 2017

Materials and tools for creating wool paintings

People often ask me, what materials and tools I use to create wool paintings. In this article, I’ll explain what’s in my toolbox.   Frame Let’s start with the frame. I use an ordinary photo frame, which can be found at any home or craft store, as well as purchased...

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