My story

Hello, I’m Oksana Ball!

I’m a self-taught fiber artist and founder of “Wool Pictures”. To create images my wonderful works of art, I use a unique technique called “Wool Painting”, also known as “Wool Watercolor”. Instead of using paint and a brush, I use wool fibers to create the effects of layering color, creating texture, and providing depth. The images are crafted by layering wool fibers atop each other on a flat surface and pressing them with glass to remain firmly in place; after which, they are nicely framed. I don’t use any glue, needles, water, or paint!

I loved to draw and paint when I was a kid, but I did not discover my passion as an artist until I became an adult. I was born in Russia, Vyborg – a small city on the border with Finland. When I was 17, I moved to Saint Petersburg where in 2008 I graduated from the Saint Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics with a Master’s degree in computer science and economics and began my career as an SEO specialist. After successful working in that field for several years, I relocated to the United States.

Right before I moved to America, I discovered wool as an artistic medium and was fascinated by the technique of wool painting. I took several lessons, learned basics, and started to create pictures with wool by myself. Originally, I pursued this as a hobby, but after moving to the U.S., I realized that this method of painting was almost unknown in the States. After a lot of practice my paintings became better and better. People started complement my artwork and I started selling my paintings to friends. Word began to spread and my professional art career began. In 2016, I opened my online store and began to participate in different art shows and auctions. Buyers from around the world have purchased my unique works of art for their collections.

I published several books for creating different wool paintings. These tutorials include step-by-step instructions of the full process, a detailed description of basic wool painting techniques, full-color photographs of the methods used, and helpful tips from experts in this style of painting. I also sell the books along with a wool kit so you can create your own masterpiece.

I also teach classes both in-person and online on how to paint with wool. My classes are adapted for people who don’t know how to draw and don’t have any experience working with wool. In my workshops, I explain in detail how to create a picture step-by-step and layer-by-layer, show different techniques, and give useful tips to my students during the workshop. I really enjoy teaching others how to create their own wool paintings and love to see students discover the endless possibilities of working in fiber arts. If you would like to try to create something beautiful, I will be waiting for you in my workshop.

I exhibit at different art shows throughout New Jersey and New York and in 2019, I opened my art studio and gallery to the public. Now, you can come and see my artwork any time without waiting for the next art show.