Tools for creating wool paintings

People often ask me, what materials and tools are needed to learn the technique of “painting with wool.” In this article, I want to give an answer to this question. So, to create wool paintings, you will need:

1. Common picture frame with glass.
2. Non-woven fabric (non-slip, soft, with a small pile; you can use fleece, flannel or white cloth towel).
3. Glue-stick.
4. Wool of various colors (thin combed ribbon and cardos).
5. Scissors (sharp and comfortable to hold).
6. Tweezers (common type, such as used for the eyebrows).

Let’s start with the frame. You can use an ordinary photo frame, which can be found at any home store or craft store. The frame consists of a backdrop, clear glass covering, and the actual surrounding edges. You can take a photo frame with a simple edge, even one unpainted, and paint it in the tone of the finished picture.

The wool painting is laid on the bare backdrop. For your convenience, cover the backing of the frame with non-woven fabric and affix it at the edges with glue. This step creates a kind of substrate, which is necessary so that the wool doesn’t slip during your work.

To create a picture, you will use these kinds of wool: combed ribbon and cardos; you can read about different types of wool in this article. It is important that you have a variety of colors available. The more color shades you use, the more vivid and picturesque the painting will be. Sometimes, to give shine to the picture, fibers of silk or viscose can be added to the fibers of the wool.

To work with the wool, you will need a sharp pair of good scissors. When you first start making wool paintings, use the scissors that you already own. But as you continue the craft, invest in a nice pair. Do not try to master the technique with blunt scissors – you will be disappointed!

To lay out the small details of the foreground on the picture, some masters use tweezers; but others just use scissors; everything here is up to the individual and depends on practice.

The main tools required for making wool pictures are your hands. Work with clean and dry hands. Also avoid getting small debris or water on the area where you work.

Organize your workspace. When you create the wool painting, you have to see the whole picture, otherwise you will have problems constructing the image. I recommend buying a height-adjustable table, so you can work sitting and standing.

Unfinished work is always stored under the frame’s glass, between your work sessions. Your completed work of art, after all the modifications, is covered with the glass and mounted in the frame. The frame is chosen for the picture and the two should harmoniously complement each other. The frame should be combined with the painting according to the color scheme. And, the style, ornament or texture of the frame should repeat the style of the picture.

It’s all about organizational moments.

And most importantly, do not forget to be in a good mood, relax and enjoy yourself. Then, you will successfully create your beautiful wool painting!