Painting With Wool Online Classes

What is wool painting?

“Wool Painting”, also known as “Wool Watercolor”, is the process of hand placing and stacking various colors of sheep’s wool fibers layer by layer on the flat surface to form beautiful imagery. This process does not use needle, water, glue or paint. Once completed, the wool painting is mounted under glass for display and to safeguard the fiber placement.

Is fiber art for me?

Painting with wool is easy and it is not necessary to be a painter or to know how to draw.  You don’t need any experience working with wool. To give life to your masterpiece, you just need wool, a picture frame, and your desire to create. You layer colors, create textures, and make beautiful pictures with FIBER. Wool painting is a meditative process that has therapeutic effects. When the soft, supple wool fibers are touched and manipulated, you involuntarily calm down, reach a harmonious state, and release your soul in flight. How amazing is that?!

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