What Is Wool Painting

Blog - What Is Wool Painting - Article by Oksana Ball

“Wool painting” or “wool watercolor” is a technique used to create pictures, not by the method of dry or wet felting, but by placing multiple colors of dry wool in layers on a quilted fabric surface, then covering it with glass.

When the fibers are compressed under the glass surface, works of art fashioned from wool appear as if they are watercolor or pastel paintings. It is only when you come closer that you realize they are not painted. Under the weight of the glass, the multiple layers of wool blend together to form an image, which is lively, colorful, and very bright. These images are so real, that you can almost taste the berries & fruits, touch the trees, and smell the flowers and grass. When looking at the wool paintings, you can also sense the movement of air masses and bask under the heat of the sun, as well as embrace subtle traces of the scents of mountain air or tidal waters. Wool is a living material and, because of this, the paintings come alive.

Every wool painting is a unique work of art. The artist gently places each fiber with his fingers, thereby offering the essence of his soul to the viewer and charging the picture with his energy. Once the painting sparks the atmosphere, there are sure to be emotional conversations between people, covering all levels of feelings and sensations available. Wool paintings bring happiness and warmth to your home, provide a welcome mood for relatives and friends, and are a sincere and one-of-a-kind gift to loved ones for any occasion! If you want to become the owner of one of these paintings or pleasantly surprise a loved one with a unique piece of artwork, visit my shop, where you will definitely find something to your liking.