How did I become interested in wool painting

I discovered “wool painting” technique in one of my favorite book stores in Saint Petersburg, “Bukvoed”, in 2014. This store has a huge selection of everything, not just books, but also games, puzzles, stationary, souvenirs, etc – basically “Barnes & Noble” combined with “Michaels” which is why I like to shop there. My wandering through the store took me to art and craft department where I noticed a “painting with wool” kit. I found the description interesting and decided to try to make a picture. This really piqued my interest because the last time I was engaged in creativity was at school. I will honestly admit, my first attempt to make a picture was unsuccessful. I didn’t manage to figure out how to make a picture on my own, so I took several classes from, to my good fortune, the author of the kit who lived near me in Saint Petersburg. After attending a few classes, I understood the basics and began to create pictures by on my own.

While I was discovering this form of art, I quit my job in Russia to spent up to half a year in America with my boyfriend. I wasn’t allowed to work and this new hobby was a very welcome distraction in my downtime. So, I started create wool paintings and practice a lot to gain experience. First, friends started complement my artwork and asked me to make something for them, then their friends became interested in my work, and then somebody (I don’t remember who exactly) suggested to participate in art shows. So, in 2016, I participated in very small craft and art show in Bayonne, NJ – this was the beginning of my professional career as an artist. For several years now, I have been constantly participating in art exhibitions, writing tutorials, and teaching classes.

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