Wool Painting Kit “Red Poppies”


Wool Painting Kit “Red Bullfinch” contains:
— a detailed step-by-step instructions of full process (book 28 pages);
— wool in these colors: grey-blue, grassy-green, blue, turquoise, light-lilac, white, brown, dark-brown, red, white, black, grey, light-grey, dark-grey, orange, bright-red, orange-red;
— quilted paper padding.

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“Wool Painting” is the process of placing and stacking various colors of wool fibers on the flat surface to form beautiful imagery. Once completed, the wool painting is mounted under glass for display and to safeguard the fiber placement.

Painting with wool is very easy and it is not necessary to be a painter or to know how to draw. To give life to your masterpiece, you just need wool, a picture frame, and your desire to create. The main advantage of wool painting is the ability to fix bad “smears” any time you wish.

Wool Painting Kit “Red Poppies” contains:
— a detailed step-by-step instructions of full process (book 36 pages);
— wool in these colors: white-eggshell, yellow, peach, light-pink, red, dark-red, black, dark-purple, dark-green, dark-brown;
— quilted paper padding.

To create picture you also need:
— picture frame with glass, size 8 x 10 inches (20 x 25 cm);
— tweezers;
— scissors.

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