10 reasons to like wool paintings

I think everybody has heard about the many benefits that artistic creation has upon our lives. The artistic process helps us to:

  • develop our personal sense of ‘taste’ and creativity;
  • activate our imagination, fantasy and flights of thought;
  • acquire the ability to work with our hands, by mastering precise fingers movement and fine motor skills;
  • increase our ability to concente, since it requires focus during the process of making pictures.

Can you remember back to the days of your childhood? In addition to the normal school routine, many of us participated in different after school activities, such as: dancing, drawing, music lessons, chorus, etc. And during those sessions, we didn’t ask questions along the lines of “Can I dance?” Instead, we perceived the time as opportunity to try something new and interesting (and also because our parents brought us there).

Today we are adults and most of us are much wiser than when we were young. Many of us are parents and we are sorely lacking in time and energy. But let’s be honest; each of us still has the desire to reconnect with our childhood sense of wonder and the dicovery of miracles in our surroundings. And the creative process is composed of both miracles and discovery, and it always tells a story. Working with wool is just such a miracle, where you may discover things about yourself that you were unaware of. Knowing this, you don’t want to stop there, but instead need to express yourself in the creation of beautiful multicolor paintings.

So, why should you create a wool painting and what materials are needed?

  1. Wool painting is a meditative process, which, among other things, has therapeutic effects. This is due to the fact that when the soft, supple wool fibers are touched and manipulated, the artist involuntarily calms down, reaches a harmonious state and releases their soul in flight.
  2. To create a wool painting, it’s not necessary to be able to draw. Utilizing this magical fiber to create pictures can reveal artistic talent in people (who don’t know they have it). The Wool Painting technique can be learned by people who can’t draw, because wool is naturally a very grateful and forgiving material.
  3. Using wool allows one to embody the ideas of any artist. With this material, you can reproduce pictures by famous artists and create pictures based on photos. Or you can let your fantasy take flight and draw something special from your own imagination and life experiences. The more you like your own story and express it in your picture, the more beautiful the result and the more fascinating the process will be for you.
  4. A wide selection of material is availabile. There are a lot of shops where you can buy the wool roving in a variety of shades, some of which are breathtaking.
  5. There’s no need to purchase special, expensive and complex equipment and facilities. To create a wool painting you just need a frame with glass, fabric backing, colored wool, tweezers, and scissors.
  6. You have the ability to determine what method to use when working with wool: wet felting, dry felting, wool painting, or mixed technique.
  7. There’s an opportunity to correct your work at any stage of creation: remove an unsuccessful layer, take off or relocate details which didn’t turn out as planned, or even use scissors to correct the form of an object.
  8. If you’re not impressed with the background or some of the details in the wool painting, they can be reused in another piece of artwork.
  9. Once and for all, you can solve the problem of what to offer as a spectacular, unexpected and stylish gift.
  10. And, best of all, to feel like a real artist (creator)!